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Miguels Jr.


(951) 679-5299


The legend began in 1973 when Mike and Mary Vasquez took over an existing restaurant in Corona, CA and renamed it Miguels in honor of Mikes grandfather. They struggled to make a go of it. Mike kept his day job and worked the restaurant at night while Mary developed dishes and recipes. Over the next 2 years, business improved to the point that they decided to lease a fast food restaurant just 2 miles down the road and named it Miguels Jr. This became an instant favorite with locals and travelers along interstate 91 between Orange County and the Inland Empire. What makes us unique is our passion for fresh food from family recipes inspired by Marys childhood in Central Mexico and our friendly people. It is our promise to deliver the freshest, best tasting California Mexican food each and every day. Today there are 3 full service Miguels Restaurants and 18 Miguels Jr. fast food restaurants throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County. We invite you to come in and try our homestyle Mexican food and leave a fan!

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